Are your details on the dark web – right now?

Did You Know…

…that once cybercriminals obtain hacked or leaked data such as credit card details, online banking credentials, and more, they sell this information to others who may use it to steal from victims’ bank accounts or steal their identities?

According to MyBroadband; “Personal data is a valuable commodity among hackers, and there is a lucrative market based on selling private data on the dark web.”

Here are 6 ways to keep your personal information away from hackers and off the dark web:

1.   Use a password manager: 
Password managers like Bitwarden, Keeper and many others generate complex, unique, and encrypted passwords for every site you need access to. But also remember to change your password every 30 to 90 days and using a different password for every account.

2.   Enable two-step authentication on all online accounts:
In addition to entering your password, you’ll also want the site to send a code to your phone or email verifying it’s you.

3.   Have a plan in place for when your information gets breached:
You should always assume that it could happen to you. Then, immediately execute your plan when it does happen. This might include freezing your accounts and alerting authorities.

4.   Always check permission settings on the apps you use: The idea is to minimise the likelihood of your data being shared or stored by third parties without your knowledge.

5.   Be careful what you do with your phone: While being cautious with what you do with your phone is always recommended, it can get tiresome. With the vast amount of malware, Trojans, and worms finding sneaky ways to get into your device, it is better to stay protected with a security system that does the work for you.

6.   Be aware of your digital footprint: Whatever you post online is there forever, even if you delete it from where it was originally posted. A digital footprint is somewhat of a digital paper trail. Forum registrations, videos, photos, just about anything you post will all leave traces of information about yourself online.

Why do we need to keep our data safe and off the dark web?

We all have things to hide. It could be how much money you make, your medical records or your bank account number. Hiding things is not bad. I don’t think these are the types of things you’d like broadcasted on your social network for the entire world to see. This is why we must strive to protect our data and in essence, protect ourselves too. Don’t be another victim of cybercrime, protect what is YOURS!

In partnership with Dark Web, the number one dark web monitoring platform, combines intelligence with search capabilities to identify, analyse and proactively monitor an organisation’s compromised or stolen employee and customer data. We protect our clients from a cybersecurity breach due to compromised employee credentials by monitoring the dark web in real time, and automatically alerting you when it is time to change passwords because their credentials are up for sale on the Dark Web.

Increased security measures are a must in today’s day as we need to safeguard our data as well as our employees. There’s a tremendous shift in the way we work, and, unsurprisingly, technology is playing a significant role in it and is gaining momentum quicker than we can imagine. Rito-Technologies is an IT business partner who maximises business output through technology. They enable their clients to be secure with their IT Strategic Planning, which is guaranteed to increase your employee’s accessibility, productivity, and levels of communication with the right level of technology for business and employees.

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