Why hosting is key to your business success

A good hosting partner is essential so your brand can offer a quality service to the public.

Hosting can be used for many applications, such as systems, virtual stores, blogs, and websites, with advantages ranging from better performance to greater security.

The advantages of good hosting include

Better site performance: With high-quality hosting, loading speeds will no longer be an issue which will also ensure a better customer experience (CX) in making a decision on your website.

Exceptional technical support: If you have been providing services or products from a website, you already know the importance of offering customer support. The hosting company also knows that. If you don’t have the technical skills, your provider will be like a member of your technical team.

Improved website security: A good host will take preventative measures in order to limit risk of privacy violations, provided through firewalls and other electronic barriers between your website and those attempting to access your website with malicious intent.

Customer Service: When your website goes down, it becomes an inevitability that you will be forced to get to know the customer service team of your hosting platform, but the difference between good and bad hosts becomes how quickly the issue is resolved.

Reliability: Your website is the first point of access to your customers, and in this sense, you want to provide a good first impression. People don’t notice when your website is good, but they surely recognize when it is bad. If your website is frequently down, has been hacked, or proves to be less than user-friendly, they will likely take their business to a competitor.

Search engine rankings & SEO: If your website is down often when search engines are trying to visit and analyse it, then your ranking will be badly affected. Alongside the downtime affects, it is believed that a slow site can also harm your rank on search engines. So, it is in your best interest to invest in professional website hosting platforms in order to ensure you get accurate and the best possible search engine rankings.

The more complex your websites, the more important it is to have a competent and reliable web host who can support your evolving online business. In many instances, the best web hosting solution is not the cheapest, but your small investment in a better web host can pay big dividends when you need immediate support. When shopping for the best web host for your websites, try contacting their support departments at odd hours and see what kinds of responses you get. 

So, what to look out for when choosing your website host:

High Reliability and Uptime: Reliability and server uptime refers to how often your website will be available online. Most hosts stick to the rule of 99.9% uptime. Before you decide on a web hosting service provider make sure to verify their uptime policy and if they offer any sort of uptime guarantee.

Bandwidth and Storage: Bandwidth translates to the amount of traffic and number of page views your website can handle every single month. It’s becoming common practice to offer unlimited bandwidth. However, there’s a chance this could get throttled down, or your site could go offline if you’re experiencing a massive traffic surge—such as during a holiday sale or if one of your blog posts just went viral.

Solid Customer Support: Customer support is something you really don’t think about until it’s too late. But when your website is down and you are launching a promotion you will the best support, so we suggest you test it!

Ability to grow: Your host should be equipped with tools, such as cPanel, which allow for easy domain management which should allow you to purchase additional domains as your business grows or the ability to upgrade packages as you need to.

Clear Pricing: Make sure you select a hosting company that has clear pricing terms, so you know if and when a price increase is going to happen.

Availability of site backups: The current wave of cyber threats like ransomware has seen an increased number of general websites being targeted by these online extortionists. Such acts often result in irreparable damages like the destruction or replacement of your site’s index.php file. Therefore, it becomes important that you only engage a host service provider that offers regular web data backup.

If you’re not familiar with it, web hosting can seem overwhelming, with a number of different companies seemingly offering the ‘same’ thing. But what it all really boils down to is simple: what you need from your website, and what the uptime looks like. If a web host can’t handle these basic requirements, you need to find one that can!

In today’s ‘instant-gratification’ world of the internet, clients don’t want to experience websites that are simply too slow for them or even worse, a website that is down, because you simply wont get another chance with that prospect client. Rito-Technologies is an IT business partner who maximises business output through technology. They enable their clients to be secure with their IT Strategic Planning, which is guaranteed to increase your accessibility, productivity, and levels of communication with the right level of technology for business and potential customers.

For more information about our IT Strategic Planning or our website hosting packages, please get in touch with us at info@rito-tech.co.za and we will gladly assist you.

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