How to make your meetings more productive?

Decisions is purpose-built to make your Microsoft Teams meetings more productive. It lets you create a structured agenda, invite participants, record minutes, and convert talking points into post-meeting action items. As virtual meetings become a significant and permanent part of our work life, Decisions adds quite a lot of value to the overall Teams experience. 

Decisions in 4 easy steps

Step 1: Build the agenda with the Decisions Meeting Secretary, directly from Outlook and structured with topics, presenters and files.

Step 2: Prepare & collaborate by attaching documents to be presented in the meeting, capturing notes and comments from the team, and only ever having the meeting overview one click away from your calendar on any device. Then, easily record action items and decisions during the meeting.

Step 3: Keep track of time, take meeting minutes and assign tasks quickly and easily. Never have to copy and paste from the previous minutes file again. Instead, you can generate meeting minutes in Microsoft Word or OneNote, then send the documents for review before producing the final PDF-version directly from Word to send out.

Step 4: Sync tasks and decisions with Microsoft Planner to keep track of tasks, notify team members and follow up items from meeting actions using Planner and/or Excel. Meeting materials are automatically saved in the group SharePoint site for optimal document management too.

Integrates with Microsoft Teams

Decisions integrates into the existing collaborative Teams experience so that your staff can quickly and easily access lists (such as for upcoming meetings, recent meeting notes and past meeting outcomes) from tabs within Microsoft Teams.

Decisions is a Microsoft-awarded solution that powers and streamlines meeting collaboration, engagement and productivity for users of Microsoft Teams and Office 365. Thousands of customers trust Decisions for their meetings, whether held virtually, in-person or hybrid.

“Decisions is an amazing product, extremely well thought out and brings clarity to meetings.”

How to make your meetings more productive with Decision - Rito Technologies

Invest in Decisions to streamline your Teams meetings

Rito-Technologies is an Office 365 partner and a preferred supplier of Decisions to help you maximise your business output through technology. They enable their clients to optimise efficiencies with their IT Strategic Planning, which is guaranteed to increase your accessibility, productivity, and levels of communication with the right level of technology for business and potential customers.

With our free IT assessment, we can help you establish how you currently use IT in your business, and we can also identify areas for improvement as well as fill the gaps to present further opportunities for growth with an IT roadmap.

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