What is cybersecurity mesh and how secure is it?

The 2023 state of ransomware report compiled by security company Sophos noted that 78% of South African organisations were hit by ransomware in the past year. Keeping track of emerging digital threats is of utmost importance in the never-ending struggle to secure data from vulnerabilities. The need for a system that allows network operators to defend themselves against digital adversaries cannot be overemphasised. Therefore, a cybersecurity strategy is essential to achieve this.

What is a cybersecurity strategy?

The cyber threat landscape is rapidly evolving, and every business is at risk. With growing automation and more active cyber threat actors, no organisation is “too small to be a target”. Every company has data that could be of value to an attacker or that could fetch a ransom if encrypted by ransomware.

An organisation’s level of cyber risk depends on several factors. While the size of the organization and the industry in which it operates play a role, so do the corporate security strategy and current cybersecurity solution architecture.

Every company will be targeted by cyberattacks, and business continuity is dependent on an organisation’s ability to respond appropriately to these threats. A cybersecurity strategy is a high-level plan for how your organisation will secure its assets during the next three to five years.

What is cybersecurity mesh and how secure is it?

What is cybersecurity mesh?

A cybersecurity mesh (CSM) is a progressive strategy to protect computer networks from hackers. It ensures that you have more than one defense perimeter to protect the nodes within your network.

With cybersecurity mesh, you can protect technological systems managed in isolation, such as perimeter firewalls, network security devices, and security software.

You can create a Cybersecurity Mesh by designing and implementing an IT security infrastructure that is not focused on building a single ‘perimeter’ around all devices or nodes of an IT network, but instead you create a smaller individual perimeter around each access point.

Gartner predicts that by 2025, cybersecurity mesh will support more than 50% of digital access control requests.

What are the benefits of cybersecurity mesh?

  1. A standardised and responsive security approach: These are a defined set of rules for products and processes that provide consistency, accountability, and efficiency.

2. Distributed architecture that is flexible, scalable, and reliable: This allows for easier and faster data recovery after a breach that can also be scalable to the demand of the organisation or IT infrastructure.

3. Prevention from hackers exploiting different parts of a network: By ensuring that each node has its own perimeter, it allows an IT network manager to better maintain and track different levels of access to various parts of a given network.

4. Ensure compliance and security testing: In an organization where there’s a lot of work to be done, a cybersecurity mesh ensures that it is easy for you to check for security and compliance issues or have the security team be a part of the process in an automated manner.

5. Implement Zero Network Trust: Privacy is key in online interactions. When there is no privacy, your data is visible to hackers and online predators. However, with a cybersecurity mesh, you can set up a zero-trust network that only recognises the people on your team and keeps hackers from getting confidential data.

Strategic IT partners for your security

Have you got a cybersecurity strategy in place?

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