IT and Networking Strategies & Solutions to Grow Your Business

RITO Technologies is an IT Managed Service Provider offering efficient IT strategies, support & solutions to companies and households countrywide. We manage your business infrastructure, network components, servers & user desktops – remotely, comprehensively & transparently.

We provide sustainable solutions unique to your custom IT needs, specialising in strategies for supporting and integrating your required business ICT needs into existing infrastructures.

Our Services


  • ADSL integration to Linux / Windows Servers and Local Area Network
  • Secure Wireless network installations
  • Ethernet copper network installations
  • Router installation & configurations
  • Inter-branch VPN configurations
  • Linux based firewalls with full reporting on internet usage

Turnkey Solutions

  • Windows-based products Sales, Support and Configuration
  • Apple and iOS Sales and Support
  • Hosting
  • Hardware Sales
  • Exchange, SharePoint, Mail Setup and Support
  • Firewalls, Linux Internet access servers, file servers and email servers

Data Recovery

While there a multitude of data recovery providers, we offer a solution that can guarantee secure and automatic data recovery.  The online backups, together with L.I.S.A allows us to effectively manage your data in times of crisis.

Call us to find out more about this product solution.


Having backups of your work and information is absolutely critical for your business. 

We offer an online storage solution for as little as R1 per GB.

Get in touch with the team to find out more.

L.I.S.A. Your Live In System Administrator

L.I.S.A., as our agent is fondly known, is a capable, organised and highly qualified member of the RITO Technologies team. She is tireless in her ability to source system information and automate policies and procedures. She is our most valuable team member in that she works 24/7/365 – no tea breaks, no lunch, no leave, no sleep.

The greatest benefit of installing LISA, is that it allows RITO Technologies to perform proactive maintenance on a continuous basis, ensuring all your software, security and firewalls are up to date.

With LISA we also do scheduled backups of all the equipment on a networking environment.  This not only ensures the safety of your data and information, but also allows for 99.9% uptime in the case of a breach, theft or a PC or system crash.

Further to this, we make use of PSA Software (Process Systems Automation) to assist us with the implementation of IT projects and systems within your organisation.

RITO Technologies has a fully functional, comprehensive, flexible, web-based helpdesk environment with senior IT personnel available at all times.

Latest from the Editor’s Desk

Tony Ferguson CEO RITO Technologies

Tony Ferguson has been in the IT industry for over 30 years.
He started his career as a software developer, and due to being able to understand the inner workings of computers, he has become an IT strategy consultant, focusing on aligning IT infrastructure and processes with broader business goals.

RITO Technologies, the company he proudly leads, is a dynamic Managed Service Provider (MSP) that has been serving businesses for over three decades. Our firm believes that IT is more than just a support function – it’s a strategic driver that can propel businesses to new heights if utilized correctly.

Our approach is characterized by a deep understanding of technology and a clear vision of how it can be tailored to solve unique business challenges. Our dedicated team, backed by their extensive experience and innovative thinking, is committed to delivering IT solutions that address immediate needs and lay the foundation for future growth and adaptability.

At RITO Technologies, we understand that technology is a rapidly evolving field, and staying ahead of the curve is vital. That’s why we continually adapt our offerings to include the latest technological advancements, from leveraging AI for automation to providing state-of-the-art cyber security solutions.

Beyond simply maintaining your IT infrastructure, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to develop a robust IT strategy that aligns with their business objectives. We are more than just your IT service provider; we are your strategic partners in leveraging technology as a competitive advantage.

Thank you for considering RITO Technologies as your IT partner. We are looking forward to discussing how we can help advance your business through strategic IT solutions.